10 Things You Simply Must Buy in Japan Trend Shop

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Since I have first discovered Japan Trend Shop, I must admit that I have bought numerous things online.  Not only that this website has some of the most amazing things, but it also has some downright weird stuff!  I find these really cool, so much so that I had to share them with you!  Here are top ten things which you simply must buy in Japan Trend Shop!

  1. Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

Kogao-Smile-Lines-Face-BeltWho doesn’t want for their face to be slimmer!  With this exercise mouthpiece you can finally achieve just that!  All you have to do is to order it online!

  1. USB Forehead Neck Cooler

You will simply love it!  It will keep your neck cool and lovely! It’s also useful as a stress relief! This amazing gadget can be bought online and brought to you in no time!

  1. Vibram-Furoshiki-Shoe-1Furoshiki Shoes

These amazing shoes have become an instant, smashing Internet hit!  They are simply amazing, and you can of course get them online!

  1. Panasonic Healing Facial Eye Steamer

The Panasonic healing facial eye steamer can really improve your face.  If you want to you can order it online!  It’s a very cool thing to have!

  1. Magnet Therapy Wrist Strap

This is a truly amazing item which you can find online only!  It can help athletes with healing injuries but it can also be very useful as a therapy for others things as well!

  1. Panty-Scrunchies

This super-cool, or should I say super embarrassing item comes in a set of three!  You should definitely get it online, as I see no other way for you to obtain and this item!


  1. MopetMicrofibe Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I have always imagined myself living in the future where I don’t have to vacuum!  Luckily, now we can get these amazing robot vacuum cleaners online, and we won’t have to vacuum any longer!

  1. Digital Rice Paddle with Calories Calculator

If you are obsessed with eating healthy and counting your calories you will simply love it! This paddle basically tells you how much calories there are in each scoop.  Take that all you diets cheaters!  No more excuses!

Nano Falcom DigiCam, C.C.P.Co., LTD. International Tokyo Toy Show 2015  , at Tokyo Big Sight, Koto Ward, buyer day, press day on June 18, 2015. until June 21, 2015. Hodo-bu Nagata reports. YOSHIAKI MIURA PHOTO.

  1. Nano Falcon DigiCam Helicopter Drone

This super-cool amazing thing can be bought online.  With this amazing Nano Falcon DigiCamhelicopter drone you will be able to have the most fun you have had in years!  All you have to do is order for this super-cool thing online!

  1. Nomad Suitcase

If you have always wanted to carry a desk with you, and now you can just by this amazing, cool nomad suitcase instead.  It will allow you to use your suitcase as a desktop no matter where you are, on airports, train stations, bus stations, and everywhere else you can carry a suitcase!  Buy this amazing, super-cool thing online now!