Simple tips and tricks to save you money

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Simple tips and tricks to save you money

When it comes to shopping we are our own worst enemies with credit card companies coming in at a close second. This is because we buy thing we don’t actually need and we do it by incurring debt that accrues interest every month we don’t pay it back. Here are some simple tips and tricks to save you money and help you avoid falling into unnecessary debt.

An effective way to avoid overspending when shopping to buy cool things is to write a list before you go to the mall. Research has shown that most overspending is as a result of impulse buying which can easily be avoided if you enter a store knowing precisely what it is you want to buy and ignoring everything else.

shopping-to-kvinderOne of the easiest and best ways to save a lot of money when shopping is looking for special offers and sales. You can easily get up to 50% off an item meaning you save half of your money that would have otherwise gone to waste. The best ways to find special offers include going through newspaper advertisements on sales, googling for special prices and physically going to a store and looking for them.

The most sure way to save money when shopping is to take the exact amount of money you will require because it will force you to prioritize and buy only the items that you will need. Taking credit cards with you when going shopping is completely asking for trouble because it will tempt you to buy things you don’t actually require.

It could save you a lot of money to check the customer reviews of a product because they are an unbiased opinion of a products price, usability and whether buyer are happy with it or not. This will prevent you from buying a commodity that will later prove to be unsatisfactory.

The use of vouchers and coupons may not be considered fancy but they could go a long way in saving you money during harsh economic times. You can find coupons from newspapers and at local stores, some stores also accept printable coupons so you can get them on the internet and print them out.

Comparing prices can be extremely helpful because it can help you identify stores that are trying to rip you off. In this era of technology and free information flow you can take advantage of websites such as which compare prices from different retailers and tell you who is offering the lowest prices on different commodities.

Save-Money-on-Utilities.001Where possible always buy items with a money back guarantee policy because sometimes you could buy an expensive electronic device like a TV and it spoils within a month of buying it. If there is no return policy then it is impossible to get your money back if a commodity is unsatisfactory or simply malfunctioning.

When ordering online you can lower cost buy avoiding shipping fees. This is because when you order stuff above a certain price threshold then the delivery is free for everything you bought. An example of this is that Amazon will offer free shipping for commodities worth over $35.

Loyalty programs operate by giving you free points for every purchase you make at a particular store, once these points accumulate you can use them to buy commodities at the same store. The key to using the points effectively is to allow them enough time to accumulate until you can buy something worth a lot of money you would have otherwise have had to spend.

Going directly to outlet stores can help you cut out the middle man who in this case is the retailer. When you go to outlet stores it will genuinely surprise you on just how much retailers add on top of the actual price of a commodity. You can save a lot of money especially on items that have high cost or on commodities that need to be bought in large volumes.

The last tip is that where possible it can never hurt to negotiate the price of a commodity down. Through negotiations alone it is possible to get the price down by half and the key to being a good negotiator is to be bold in stating your demands and making it clear you are willing to walk away.

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